We are a team of passionate amateur and professional drummers and we believe in sharing our knowledge and developing our products together with our customers.

After all, it is you, our customers, who help us turn good products into great products. It is you who propose new features and ask for new products. That is why we would like you to become a member of the CYD community.

Joining our community doesn’t only help us create amazing products. The CYD community has some great benefits for its members:

  • Download Play-Along Songs &  Notes for free.
  • Get Free shipping on orders of 15,-€ or more.
  • Help us develop new products as well as online-services.
  • Participate in product tests – just get in touch and let us know why you are the right drummer.
  • Receive a member discount of up to 10%.
  • Attend workshops and special events at a reduced price.

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