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Derek Roddy: Playing with your Drums DVD

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Playing with Your Drums provides an enlightening and fun discussion of common issues
facing every drummer. The one-hour-and-20-minute program discusses the ins and
outs of setting up and getting comfortable on your drumset. Joined by a panel
of 3 other professional drummers, Derek delves into detail on important (yet
often overlooked) topics such as seat height, position/angle of the drums,
using your available space on stage, setting up your pedals, creating an
ergonomic setup, proper positioning of your hardware, placement of the hi-hat,
how to position your toms, and even the importance and proper use of a drum
carpet. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about creating your ideal setup
is included on this DVD!
This casual and entertaining program will provide all drummers with useful
tidbits that can be put to direct use on your next gig or practice session.
Although Derek is known for his metal playing, his approach to these topics
(and the comments offered by the panel) apply to all styles. As a bonus, the
program includes footage of Derek playing along to 5 tracks, and an improvised
drum solo. Derek’s other popular products—his book/CD package The Evolution of
Blast Beats and his DVD Blast Beats Evolved—are also available from Hudson

“We are excited to team up with Derek again,” said Hudson Music Senior Editor
Joe Bergamini. “He has become a world authority on extreme metal, but Derek is
a well-rounded drummer with an amazing approach to the instrument, and here he
presents material that is usable by all drummers, in a fun, conversational
manner, like a hang at your local drum shop.”

“After answering so many questions from drummers about these topics, I
decided that there should be a DVD that discusses the universal, basic aspects
of setting up the drumset and getting comfortable on it,” said Derek. “Every
drummer, regardless of style, deals with the issues discussed in this
program,yet these topics are often overlooked in lessons, clinics, and DVDs. So
I hope this DVD will offer some though-provoking knowledge to all drummers. It
is designed for fast viewing to deliver key, useful points that make you go
want to ‘play with your drums!’”